Hi, my name is Kyle Shepherd, I have lived in Victoria, Australia most of my life, I went to university and have kept myself busy using and learning new skills ever since.

I have always been drawn to the creative side of life, from a young age I was always pulling apart my more complex mechanical toys trying to figure out how they work and see if I could make use of the parts for something else. So, as you can guess I like to make and design things, I also like to explore and take photos of both the beautiful and underappreciated environments around us, my hobbies vary wildly but they always seem to revolve around these core activities.


So that is me, but what is Ambon science? Its both my trading title and I guess has become my personal brand. The name originated a long time ago when I was exploring a virtual world called Second life, the word ambo or ambon is Latin for a pedestal or pulpit, a raised platform, so ambon science was chosen as a silly powerful sounding name for a fake role play company in a sci-fi universe. I have however stuck with the name and the colouring/branding scheme I chose for it, it just looks nice and clean so why change it? It has undergone a few modernisations but It is now the logo and words I try to label on to my works.

If you want to visit the origins of all this visit Bauhaus in Second life, I have kept the region and have tried to keep it as an eye candy filled environment to explore.