MK1 High mount speakers

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A Simple set of speakers focusing mainly on an aesthetically pleasing solid enclosure, made from 16mm MDF, walnut veneer with a one coat oil finish, and satin black front panel. Designed in Fusion360 which I also used to make CAM profiles to machine it via CNC router with lots of additional manual cleaning, assembly and finishing.

MK1 Bluetooth speaker prototypes

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Prototype speakers both a large and smaller version and with various finishes, running on 18650 cells, a premade bluetooth amp board, a custom made auxiliary board to handle what the premade board does not, Dayton audio drivers and my own case. Designed in Fusion360 which I also used to make CAM profiles to machine it via CNC router.

Furnace and Aluminum casts

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My first aluminum castings using a 3D printed pattern to make a sand mold and an electric furnace I made.

CNC router

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Home made CNC router, designed to have a very rigid gantry so I could cut soft metals, mostly made from scrap aluminium and welded steel box section for the bed. It runs on generic supported linear rails and is actuated by 16mm ball screws and NEMA 23 high torque stepper motors. The motors are a bit overkill for the low pitch ball screws I use, they would be better for a rack & pinion system. They run at 24 volts but the drivers and motors can handle 48 volts which I don’t have a power supply for but would give me a much faster motion if I upgrade the power supply in the future.

It uses a generic 1500 watt high speed 3 phase spindle motor powered by a VFD with speed control from the motion controller.

CNC router v2

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Another home made CNC router, how ever it is designed to be better in every way than my last. It is still being worked on how ever in total it weighs about 400 kg, should have enough rigidity to effectively machine soft metals and micro machine steel.

it has an adjustable bed height so tall work pieces or large 4th axis jobs can be used when the table is in its re-mounted to its lowest position.

Additionally I plan to have this machine be both a router and plasma cutter with dual or at least quick swap-able head for either operation.

555×555 Ambon logo plaque

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Made from 30x185mm planks glued together to make a board and then glued on to a 12mm thick MDF sheet for added strength and thickness then 3d carved on my CNC machine using various operations.

MK1 Subwoofer

This is a project started not long ago and yet to be finished, it is intended to be the accompanying subwoofer for the high mount speakers that I have already finished.

3D probe

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A 3D probe, one of my first metal projects made on the CNC router, the shell, cap and shaft where machined on a lathe, the PCB and logo engraving was done via the CNC router

Car subwoofer storage locker

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Using a prebuilt under seat subwoofer I made an MDF enclosure to house it and provide a lockable secure space, it was finished with black carpet.

Camera motion rig

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A motion rig consisting of a control unit and motorised slider and rotary axis, the sliding portion is a premade manual slider. I modified it to fit in a belt and NEMA 17 stepper motor with a vibration isolating mount. The rotary axis uses the same motors but a reduction gearbox and additional gear reduction in the pulley itself. A 3D printed shroud is used to cover and protect it, all designing done in Fusion 360 along with CAM profiles used to cut out specific shapes via CNC router.

Rubber seal die

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A pair of right angle dies for guiding rubber seal profiles as they are melted together via a jig. Designed in Fusion 360 and machined via CNC router.

Pogo pin jig

A pogo pin jig used to interface with circuit boards, the head can be replaced with different types to match different boards. The heads location can be adjusted in 3 axes to match pad locations.

Compact camera light

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A compact light designed to run on its own internal battery and be USB rechargeable, machined from a solid aluminum block on my CNC router.

50w portable high CRI light

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A 3D printed light made to be used as a torch or mounted via the dovetail underneath it or a typical camera tripod threat on the base.

Compact PC case

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Compact PC case fitting a mini ITX mainboard and full-size graphics card on a PCI-e right angle riser. Made from 50mm aluminium flat bar for the main frame, this was made before I had my CNC router so all of the backside I/O is done by drill and file.

72v 3kw Electric bike

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While the bike frame was not fabricated by myself the other components where. A folded sheet metal battery case, motor protective skid plate, mounting brackets and electronic components such as battery management/safety, power meters and wiring looms.